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Embark on a Flavorful Journey with a Touch of Mystery

Enter the Enchanted Realm of Mr. Umami

Shroom Burgers & Sliders Unveiled

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Mr. Umami's Culinary Wonderland

Step into Mr. Umami's enchanting Culinary Wonderland, a fusion of Japanese traditions and Australia's richness.


Born in the mystical NihonAlia Mycota Grove, this culinary journey unveils tales of magic and wholesome delight in every bite. In the heart of the grove, experience a world where shroom flavors shine.


Mr. Umami's creations transcend the ordinary, blending the allure of the forest with the unknown, telling stories of a magical upbringing and a commitment to wholesome goodness.


Join us in this culinary adventure, savoring a symphony of tradition, innovation, and unbridled joy.

Mr Umami Shroom_Umami Magic Unleased.jpg

Umami Magic Unleashed

Behold Mr. Umami's mesmerizing shroom flavors crafted in the mystical NihonAlia Mycota Grove.

This culinary adventure transforms Australian-grown oyster mushrooms, lush herbs, and umami seasonings into spellbinding masterpieces.

Experience the magic as Mr. Umami weaves a tapestry of flavors inspired by the fusion of Japanese traditions and the richness of Australia, creating an extraordinary dining experience for discerning palates.

We invite you to savor the unique culinary creations resonating from this enchanted grove.

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Mystical Forest Umami Stack: Experience the savory symphony of twin shroom patties adorned with succulent tomato slices and aioli, crowned with a perfectly cooked egg, all nestled on a bed of crisp rocket salad.


Enchantingly Gourmet

Embark on a gourmet escapade with Mr. Umami's Shroom Burgers, a tantalizing journey designed for discerning palates.


Crafted from Australian-grown oyster mushrooms and natural umami-infused ingredients, these burgers redefine culinary sophistication, offering a symphony of flavors that dance on the enchanted palate.

Mr Umami Shroom Sliders bistro 2.jpg

Bountiful Umami Harvest Sliders: Savor the umami-rich goodness with these delectable shroom sliders nestled in soft slider brioche buns. Design your own or choose the finest tomato, crisp lettuce, red onion, and a luscious aioli, creating a harmonious fusion.


Blissfully Petite

Indulge in petite bursts of flavor with Mr. Umami's Shroom Sliders, tailor-made for exquisite tastes.


Featuring Australian-grown oyster mushrooms and a secret medley of umami seasonings, each slider is a culinary gem celebrating bite-sized happiness.


With a perfect balance of ingredients, they promise a symphony of satisfaction in every petite, enchanting mouthful.

Umami Slider Showcase

Umami Slider Showcase

Assorted sliders on a board, each bursting with unique flavors and toppings.

Umami Fusion Delight Burger

Umami Fusion Delight Burger

Succulent shroom burgers with tomato, cheese, pickles, lettuce, red onion, and luscious aioli.

Umami Slider Fiesta

Umami Slider Fiesta

Mini tacos with sliders, tomato, avocado, and zesty lime.

Mystical Forest Umami Stack

Mystical Forest Umami Stack

Twin shroom patties, ripe tomato, aioli, and a perfect egg on a bed of crisp rocket salad.

Slider Bento Box

Slider Bento Box

A bento box of sliders, each showcasing distinct toppings and condiments.

Unique Umami Lettuce Wraps

Unique Umami Lettuce Wraps

Wrap chopped burgers in lettuce, add hummus, cherry tomatoes, beetroot relish and red onion.

Brioche Bliss Sliders

Brioche Bliss Sliders

Succulent sliders with tomato, lettuce, aioli, and fragrant herbs.

Enchanted Umami Stack

Enchanted Umami Stack

Twin shroom patties, avocado slices, and aioli atop a savory quinoa bed.

Balsamic Rocket Sliders 1

Balsamic Rocket Sliders 1

Succulent slider patties with fresh figs, shaved Parmesan, and a tangy balsamic drizzle.

Garden Delight Burgers

Garden Delight Burgers

Savour two burgers nestled in roasted vegetables, accompanied by a luscious garlic aioli.

Versatile Serving Suggestions

Raving Reviews

Customers Culinary Adventures

with Mr. Umami's Enchanting Flavors

Wholesome and Flavourful

Mr. Umami's Shroom Sliders are like a burst of magical flavors! They went beyond my expectations, fitting seamlessly into my lifestyle. I love that sustainability is considered. An exciting new addition to my plant-based diet.

Alex, South Australia

Easy Meal Making

Being a foodie, I'm constantly seeking unique flavors, and Mr. Umami's Shroom Burgers truly delivered. Crafted from oyster mushrooms, they redefine what plant-based burgers can be. These burgers have become a go-to.

Riley, Victoria

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